Columbus Day Weekend Sale

Please check out our sales Click Here for this Columbus Day weekend.  If you have any questions or need us to hold a product for you give us a call.  We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Big Labor Day Weekend Sale

Don’t miss out this Labor Day weekend.  Just in yesterday we have a wide range of Angus grass-fed beef and goat meat available.  Also on sale for a limited time, $5 a gallon for raw cow milk and $10 a gallon for raw goat milk.  If you purchase over $100 of Angus beef you will recieve 10% off.  Remember that you can call and we will hold any product you like for pick-up.

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Products Back In

We now have cream cheese and cajeta back in the frig.  If you have never had either of them you really are missing out.  When you stop by next time ask for a sample and see what you think!

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Happy Goats Great Milk

Brownie is one of our milking goats here at the farm.  There are many benefits to drinking goats milk, especially for children.  Next time you stop by the farm ask us about it we would love to answer any of your questions.



Here is our first bull calf for the new year, he is a very pretty boy that loves attention and running around the barn.  Next time you stop by the farm ask to see George!


George Our Bull Calf


First Bull Calf of The Year

Store Bought Eggs How Much Do You Know?

When you go to the grocery store do you think “where does this food come from?”  Seems like a silly question but it is amazing how many people think food comes from the grocery store and that’s it!  In a recent article we ran across The Scary Thing You Never Knew About Grocery Store Eggs (Click Here to Read More) discusses how there is a date by which the eggs are “best by,” but it does not tell you how old the eggs are.  It further discusses how the FDA does not require an expiration or expired date on food products and that it’s up to the manufacture to post any additional data.  We always incourage people to research the food they buy, being aware of what we are consuming is very important for our health.  Below are some cool facts about eggs that everyone should know.


If you don’t want to have to worry about the eggs you are buying.  You can rest assure that our eggs from the time the chicken lays them to being in our refrigerator is within a few days.

New Weekly Sales!

Please check out our new weekly sales page, we have many new sales going on for the next week or so!  Let us know if you have any questions, there is no limit to the amount  you buy.

Dangers of Milk Pasteurization

A great reference chart that is easy to read about what happens to milk when denaturing takes place by pasteurization.


Eggs for Easter Weekend on Sale Now!

We now have on sale three dozen pasture eggs for only $10, these eggs are extra large and would be perfect for your family to stencil for this Easter weekend!


Cajeta Anyone?

If you want to try some of the best caramel you will every have stop by the store and pick some up next time you are in.  We just made our first batch this year and it is amazing, the texture is very nice and the caramel has a very rich flavor that is not overwhelming.  This goes great with ice cream and fruit!


Cajeta Caramel Homemade!